We stand with Sergeant Paul Brown


Police on Guard For Thee

Police on Guard are a group of active duty and retired police officers who have assembled to create a haven of truth and justice for all members. We fully stand behind and support Sgt Paul Brown. Sgt Brown is a member of Police on Guard and we share the same views surrounding our Mission. 

Our Mission Statement is as follows;

To honour our Oath to uphold the Constitution of Canada, and to the best of our abilities,  preserve the peace, prevent offences and discharge other duties as a Police Officer faithfully, impartially and according to law.

To continue to serve and protect the public, while remaining independent of political influence.

To repair and regain public trust which is being damaged and lost due to the enforcement of Emergency measures.

To encourage active duty members to join our court action requesting clarification on the validity of emergency measures being passed by our Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments.

We believe that these measures are not only in conflict with our Charter Oath but also place active duty police officers in an untenable position when directed by politicians and senior management to enforce these emergency measures.


Huf Gym

HUF, (Heron Ultimate Fitness) was established in July 1996.  On the Southeast corner of Hurontario and Queensway in Mississauga Ontario Canada.   We are family owned and operated facility. Over 25 years of training, competing, coaching management, entrepreneurship, and life experiences.  

HUF is the home of both the Canadian WBA Welterweight champion, Kane Heron and the Jr National Champion/Amateur WBC and IBF champion, Faith Rego. They are both trained by their Uncle Andrew Heron and were taught from ground up. We have promoted and hosted Amateur Boxing Events for over 20 years and continue to do so.  Roger's television hosted our FIGHT SERIES on Rogers TV. 

We have been running FREE youth camps for the community for over 18 years. 

We have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people's lives throughout the years and have helped people in our community overcome mental and physical disabilities.  We have witnessed and guided transformations on many different levels, including body weight loss transformation, renewing the mind, body,  spirit and have been a catalyst to beautiful relationships.

We encourage our HUF family to treat others the way you like to be treated and spread love, health, and happiness.
That is our motto!

Connecting with people and building relationships is something we love to do!  Our passion is to help others, encourage great things,  good habits, motivate, inspire, and lead people to live happier healthier lives while having fun!

Whether you want to cross off a bucket list goal, begin a journey in Boxing or build your body.   HUF Gym's unique boxing program has the allure and atmosphere of a traditional boxing gym.  It's backed up by state-of-the-art exercise equipment and a friendly neighbourhood atmosphere where everybody knows your name, or at least we try to.

Boxing is a rough business and there is a fear factor when you enter the ring.  But everybody can be courageous when you surround yourself by the right people and other courageous people.

We stand with and support Sgt Paul Brown and all officers who stand in justice and protect the life, liberty, and security of all persons.  Sgt Paul Brown demonstrates love, compassion, kindness, and understanding.  He used his 25 years of experience to keep the peace and restore faith in our community in these dark days. We are grateful and blessed to stand with Sgt Paul Brown.



Freedom2shop.com is a website that was put in place to assist those who are mask exempt by identifying the businesses that act lawfully and honour masking exemptions.  

We stand with Sgt Brown.  No one should face discrimination or disciplinary action because they are legally  exempt and we applaud all peace officers that choose the path of peace over aggression and violence.   Our Charter Rights are not negotiable and we support every officer who stands proudly to honour their Oath each and every day. 


I stand with Sergeant Brown!  I commend you for your bravery in protecting the people and defencing our charter of rights and freedoms!  Brown risked his career in honouring what is truly morally right and ethical! We need more brave souls like him serving and protecting Canadians!


I stand with Sergeant Brown!  you are the decent and courageous people we need more of in this country.  Thanks for leading the way!

Canada Rising Up

I stand with Sergeant Paul Brown for having the courage that most Canadians unfortunately don't have today, including police officers.  We the people support YOU.

Holistic n Free

It would have been easier for him in a sense to just comply and I recognize the level of sacrifice this took. H e is doing the right thing!  Unfortunately we are living through a very sad time in Canada where the right thing gets attacked and results in loss.  It's very twisted.  I hope that the majority of police officers stand up together to support this man and the rest of us citizens.  To Police on Guard For thee - thank you for your service and from the bottom of omg heart I know this isn't easy.  I know that a "thank you" isn't enough but I hope one day very soon good prevails and you are remembered as the hero that so many of us already see.


I stand with you!


I stand with Sergeant Brown.  You are a decent human being. Stand tall and proud my friend.  Justice will repeal.


Keep fighting!  We support your rights.  Thank you for your service!


Support you brother!


I stand with Sergeant Paul Brown.  I support all officers who act to uphold their oath to protect our charter of rights!! We need more people like Sergeant Paul Brown in our country.

Nature Girl

So proud of you Paul! Sending you a big hug old friend!


Wrong.  So sad.


Thank you Sergeant Brown!  You are a true hero and Canada needs more officers like you!  I support you from BC!


Thank you Sgt. Paul Brown.  You are a leader that our country needs right now.


Holy F**k what is wrong with everyone? Wake up!  Countries are opening and we Canadians hiding - TAKE A STAND.  What's it going to take and how many rights need to be taken away from all of us.  This isn't about a vaccine this is about our FREEDOM>


I will stand with Sergeant Brown.  The man has clearly shown he has integrity and maintains his oath.


Wake up Canada!  We need to stand with this brave officer and take a stand!! Remember strength in numbers.


I stand with Sgt Paul Brown. Tons of admiration and appreciation for the actions you took.


There needs to be more officers like Sergeant Brown. T here needs to be more men like Sergeant Brown.  Standing up for what is right and defending our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Serving and protecting at its finest.


You are on the RIGHT side of history...a hero... I support you


True Hero!!!


This is not right.  And you know this.  Peel region police won't let me mention them (IG).  You have delinquent cops.  And Paul Brown is not one.


ALL police officers should go on a "work to rule" to protest this shit!!!!! You're not to have compassion or practice your oath????


I despise 99% of police.  Sergeant Paul Brown is an exception to the rule.  Clearly he is an upstanding and moral human being. A  true community police officer. I  applaud his bravery.  A good man.  Rare.


I stand with Sgt Paul Brown.  Thank you Sgt Brown for your ethics and your right actions!  Forever in history as a true Canadian Hero.  Myself and my family over here in Newfoundland are eternally grateful for your courage and standing up fro our freedoms.


This is such BS.


Thank you for your service to this country.  Your loyalty to your community will not go unnoticed.


We are with you Sergeant Brown.  You are a real modern day hero, putting your career on the line for what is right.


This is disgusting that they suspended him!!  Fight back...law suit if you must!


I do appreciate the freedom of rights coming out more and more. I have been reading a lot more and trying to understand how people think. I  never really realized how many people know jack shit about their rights and freedoms and how hard they fight for it. Even the people I love the most fall in this category.  It saddens me knowing my father fought the war for them and they are so eager to follow such bullshit.  I am glad to fight for them all.


We need more police to do what he did!  Enough is enough already!


We support you, Paul!


Thank you for your courage and integrity!


We support you Sergeant Brown! Thank you for standing with the people of Ontario!


He's a hero


What a beautiful photo and energy to see in my feed.  Will support all who are peaceful huggers!  Especially this guy!


Paul Brown, you are a true hero!


Thank you for setting the example of how a police officer SHOULD conduct themselves and for serving your fellow countrymen according to your oath, common sense and human decency.


Damn.  Everyone wants to know where the good cops are... They're suspended!  Peel police are typically much better behaved and involved in the community than Toronto or other regions.  This guy deserves better and so do WE


I'm sending you a big hug!


Sgt Brown is a man with integrity and on the right side of history. #hero


Imagine coming to the time in your career as an officer where you're forced to decide to either uphold people's rights or criminalize their human behaviour....sickens me that as an officer you can no longer do both.


Thank you Paul Brown!!  You did the right thing and I have so much respect for you.


I'm disgust6ed by our government.  I love my country and the world - but the leaders need to be wiped out clean and we need to REBUILD with REAL people.  People who are not only in it for power, greed and control but the betterment of our world.


 What a hero!!!!!

Ancient Traditions

We support you Sergeant Brown!  You're a #hero


I don't know this country anymore


Thank you Sergeant Brown.  We need more officers like you.  Brave and not afraid to do the right thing.


Thank you, Paul, so very much!


Thank you sir Paul...hugs, compassion always...no matter what


If only every officer could do what you did, we'd be in a very different spot.  Hopefully your fellow teammates will follow suit.


Sgt Paul Brown <3


I applaud you Sergeant Paul Brown!


Well I think this man is a hero and it's a shame most of the other cops are cowards and are happy to do tyrants' bidding.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We stand with you Sgt. Paul Brown and as my children ❤


I stand with Sgt Brown. "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." ~ Martin Luther King


Sgt. BROWN, a great person. I stand with you. May lord bless you and the work you do for our community. Fare well and good health. Salute


Dear Sgt Brown, I applaud your integrity to do the right thing for humanity. You’re act s are the real definition of we are all in this together. Thank-you.


Mr. Brown, police officers like you reminds me of the type of police officers I often looked up to when I was a child. Thank you for being such a positive example.


Paul... thank you for your sacrifice and courage. I stand with all those on the right side of history, refusing to tarnish their consciences for the political theater. If more stood up like you, our country would be in much better shape.


Sgt Brown- You are a Hero! You have integrity. You make your family and friends proud for standing up for what is right. Thank you!


  I stand with Sgt. Paul Brown because he made the right decision. The decision to stand with the people who want their freedom back. I hope that the constitutional challenge from the group of 19 officers will have its day in court soon.


Thank you Sergeant Brown!!


God bless you, Sergeant Brown. It takes a real hero to do the right thing.


Thank you for standing up for our children and Canada- We appreciate you!


Thank you Sgt Brown for being brave enough to stand up for what’s right for humanity! Being a leader for our children to bare witness to and provide them the courage to step outside of the box they want to keep us in through their fearful stories !


Thank you so much Sergeant Brown. We stand behind you all the way. There are so many more cops like you who are on our side, but are afraid. You are a great example to them! Our society has lost its way. So many freedoms are being stolen every single day. Thanks for being on the right side of history.